Oswald Chambers said, “The greatest need we have is not to DO things, but to BELIEVE things.”

A belief is simply a thought we keep thinking.

A belief… is simply… a thought we keep thinking.

And if that’s the case it’s entirely possible and within your power to change beliefs that don’t serve you. And in my opinion, it’s absolutely necessary. The simple fact, even if it sounds simplistic or silly, is you wouldn’t do anything without the belief you could. You wouldn’t drive to work unless you believed you’d arrive there.

You wouldn’t begin preparing a meal if you didn’t believe you could eat it.

Belief is foundational to everything. Jesus himself said, “it will be done to you according to your faith (belief). Belief and faith are synonymous.

We don’t get from life what want or what we expect or even what we deserve usually; we do get what we truly believe we WILL get, as though it’s already done and we just have to wait on time to pass, while doing what will bring the result.  Without the belief first, forget it.instigation nation blog adam kasix stop doing start believing startstop

Our actions, however important, only follow our belief.

Begin today, right now, to examine beliefs in different areas of your life and audit whether they serve you. If they aren’t serving you or they’re working against you (addictions, excuses, etc) then it’s time to re-evaluate and replace with newer, healthy beliefs.

Action steps:

Grab pen/paper or a device to input a note

Take a look at an area of your life you’re not satisfied with

Ask yourself, “What do I really believe about XYZ (health, fitness, parenting, relationships, career, money, success, etc)?”

Pick only one for now

Does that belief promote happiness and joy in my life or does it take away from them?

If your belief is not serving you, change it. Get new information, get a new perspective from someone you respect IN THAT AREA (likely, your doctor is NOT the person to ask about that funny sound coming from your car, maybe he/she is but I think you get the point).

Now, filter that new thought through your value system, morals or spiritual beliefs (providing your value system isn’t working against you) and if it fits then begin thinking THAT nonstop.

Your actions will follow suit along with new exciting results!

For me, I get really negative in my “self-talk” sometimes. I’m getting good at catching it and replacing it with, “NO. That is NOT who I am. That is NOT what I do. I am a son of the creator of the universe. I have been given authority from Heaven to do what I’m doing. My whole life has led to THIS moment, right now! And I WILL finish, I WILL help people transform their lives and with God directing this ship I CANNOT LOSE.”

That’s a typical declaration I make. You can make your own that fits for you.

Remember, it’s not that tough… a belief is simply a thought we keep on thinking.

You got this!

Much love,


Keep Instigating,


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