In this two-part series about how to know your purpose or your calling I'm going to discuss two different ideas

One is based on the negative

The next piece will be based on the positive

Jumping right in -

So, what pisses you off??

That's it

Nothing fancy about it

Now, if you're the type of person that gets tweaked by all sorts of stuff, that's not what I mean

What sort of injustice or movement or trend that whenever you see it or experience it bothers you to the core of your being?

A significant part of the reason Instigation Nation was birthed was due to what I saw for years, in and around churches

It started with something I still remember very vividly

Not because I'm still bothered by it, not at all

It's because it was the first time I tried to exercise resolution of a conflict and use the bible's wisdom to do it

What happened when I tried brought me to disillusionment loudly & immediately

Let's define that word first so we're all on the same frequency


a feeling of disappointment resulting from the discovery that something is not as good as one believed it to be

Source: The Google Monster

Now, the fact that I watched men I respected, and held in a place of honor in my heart CHOSE to defend wrong, no ... ignore the wrong was absolutely unbelievable to me at that time

These were pastors and pretty decent humans

I look back now almost 18 years and realize they were REALLY wrong but they made their choice

Shortly after that something very serious happened involving an older man and younger women that was handled nearly the same way... via chicken shittery

I was fucking pissed

That's the truth

That's when our involvement there ended

And on it went

Again, all forgiveness has been given. I'm sharing the story of how this came about

From so-called "pastors" taking advantage of their followers for their own side businesses outside the church to extremely unloving attitudes toward their own families to leaders or even regulars at churches being self-righteous pricks and putting heavy burdens on people, man, I've seen too much to let it rest

Now, something to understand about me:

I'm a born fighter, protector, & defender; it's how I'm built

I've NEVER been able to tolerate a bully or injustice

As a skinny little kid sometimes I kept my fearful mouth shut when I saw someone picked on but it bothered me deeply

Now that I'm a grown man with a moderately intimidating stare & a touch of psychosis I don't tolerate that crap, even though I'm still kinda skinny

Don't laugh, you're a little cray cray too 😉

The long and short of it is this, I've been sitting in churches and witnessing fake ass church folk way too long, taking notes on what I saw as misguided or whatever, and talking to friends over beer or wine about what I thought had to change

That's what I'm doing with Instigation Nation (18-minute Instigation Nation introductory video on YouTube)

I've been asked for a long time by people I meet if I'm a pastor

I've been told more than a couple times I "should start a church"

I don't believe I'm called to do that and frankly don't want anything to do with it

If God takes me there... fine

But I believe this is my route for now, and in some form, the long term

But I do have a vision of Instigation Nation serving churches so they can serve their people like Jesus would

Like, imagine this... IN will teach pastors how to be like Jesus. Lol, how funny is that?

I mean, we don't see too many that seem to understand how to do that

They're typically so full of... schooling that they forget there're PEOPLE sitting out there and moreover there are people DYING IN THE STREETS and marriages dying by the hour and kids abandoning their homes to escape the trauma

And too many pastors are talking about clothing and tattoos and sex and alcohol

To that I say, "What the fuck is wrong with you guys?"

Let's not forget the kids who grow up in forced religion and dogmatic standards that JESUS NEVER PUT ON PEOPLE

What happens when they graduate high school?

They deuce out ... FAST (they leave and they don't come back)

Actually, as soon as they can, they get drunk, hump the first piece of booty they can and get all tatted up... that's called a middle finger to the authorities who messed them up

And yet the pharisees will blame the parents that they've known for years or they'll simply lament over the "children being lost"

Ughh, gross

It's soooo cliche'

And that's why I am not the guy to start your next church

I'm the guy that sits with that kid when he's been out in the world for a bit and gives him hope that Jesus really is cool and awesome and loves him and isn't looking to slam his every move

I LOVE that part of my life

We will always serve people directly... NOTHING matters more than the souls of people


I believe there are A LOT of people out there starving for this message of freedom with their Creator

I believe a much fewer number are ready for this kind of message today

But that's going to change

As soon as more people stop being so freaking uptight and so easily offended, they're going to wake up to real life, the one Jesus knew completely

Look, I've studied and lived this stuff nearly every day of my life for 19 years, minus the 4 year bender I went on, but even then I held on to God... loosely (He held on to me tightly)

I know the pulse of the people who would walk with God if the people that claimed His name weren't such douche bags

Their pulse is weak and thready but it's there

Instigation Nation exists because I finally grew the courage or stopped disobeying God's call to speak up and put this message out there

For too long I let people suffer alone, disconnected from the real people that love Jesus, not the ones you see on Sunday putting on their weekly show... they do dress pretty though

Look, I know it's not all of them but it's more than enough to have millions of people say they believe in God but want nothing to do with His people (that's an outside link to an article worth your time, go to it when you finish this and it will make a lot of sense)

Facts are facts

And THAT is a major part of what we're disrupting

So, find that thing that won't let you go and bothers you to your core

You find that and you're well on your way to understanding why you were born

Because I promise you, God don't make no junk and you have something important to do and you can take that to the bank

Thanks guys, love you!


**PS. Part 2 is here - It's geared toward love and I'm going to give practical examples and a story or two

Check this out:

“But I, yes I, am the one who takes care of your sins—that’s what I do. I don’t keep a list of your sins.” –God (That comes from the Old Testament, Isaiah 43:25, in case you want to check my sources)

Here’s another example from the New Testament, Hebrews 8 (The Message):

This new plan I’m making with Israel (this counts for you too) isn’t going to be written on paper, isn’t going to be chiseled in stone; This time I’m writing out the plan in them, carving it on the lining of their hearts.

I’ll be their God, they’ll be my people.

They won’t go to school to learn about me, or buy a book called God in Five Easy Lessons.

They’ll all get to know me firsthand, the little and the big, the small and the great.

They’ll get to know me by being kindly forgiven, with the slate of their sins forever wiped clean.”

east west sin what sin instigation nation adam kasix

He has removed our sins as far from us as the east is from the west                                     Psalm 103:12

Isn’t that awesome

You no longer need to beat yourself up and you no longer need to look to another human for your approval

That’s freedom, baby

The INstigation Nation tagline is “Your Freedom Awaits” 

That’s because you have to grab it but IT IS waiting for you all the time

When will you let go of your past, the condemnation from others, the rules, the religion, the need you have to feel bad??? Hmmm

I don’t have all the answers but I do know you’re likely holding onto something that God has already settled for you

Are you ready to let it go, reach your open hands out and accept the light?

It’s yours as soon as you do… and I mean immediately

Remember, you and me, we’re not Supreme Intelligence, we don’t have authority to judge

And that, my friend, means you do not have the authority to hold onto your past, you don’t, so let it go

So, put those hands out and say, “Lord, I’m ready, fill ‘em up please! And ummm, thanks, I guess?”

Lol, look my point is that you don’t need fancy talk. God doesn’t care about your verbal skills, only your heart in the matter, so just go with it

In other words, don’t you realize Jesus is watching me type this, guiding my hands and words and waiting for you to receive it and put your hands out so He can fill them?!!

That is TOTALLY what is happening right now; He’s just waiting on you… like the way a dog does when we come home

The dog isn’t concerned about your verbal style of greeting, get outta here with that

All that dog cares about IS YOU, okay and eating and licking itself, but besides that it’s all love!

(Crude analogy, I know, just go with it)

Finally (almost), I’ll give you another practical action that’s truly a life-changer

If you really do still battle something you know isn’t serving you well you’ve got to get your mind shifted

We’re typically programmed in churches and by other authority figures that tell us don’t do this or don’t do that and I assure you this is opposite of your Creator’s model

You can’t get away from the thing by focusing on the thing, agree? I thought so

Example: Someone says, “Don’t look down!!” Where you gonna look? Exactly

(Side Note: This is why most people are still in debt… because they’re constantly focused on debt. I’ll do more on this in a later piece about money)

To get away from the thing, you must switch your focus

Focus on love, gratitude and simply doing the right thing, which you already know in your heart because God put it there

Change your focus and you will change your results, guaranteed

After all, God wrote it all on the lining of our hearts, right?

When we focus on health, disease dies via neglect

And be careful around any church, person, book, movie, TV show or anything that has its focus on what NOT to do… they’re missing the truth and they’re dangerous for your health, spiritually and physically

There is a song called Back to the Other Side by Kid Rock that adds a nice touch of truth to this blog post… that’s right, Kid Rock is the man

Don’t let go and know we all fuck up

Yeah, we all fuck up

So take my hand and I’ll lead you back to the other side

Get yourself into a better place and live your life

Hold your head up high and don’t rely on anyone else

Take it easier on yourself, don’t ask why

‘Cause God is great and he always forgives

‘Cause God is great and he always forgives

Keep Instigating,


PS If you want to see me, in the flesh, literally no shirt, at 1 a.m., discussing a deep-rooted emotional scar/secret I reveal for the first time ever, click here (This is the most vulnerable and secret-sharing video I have ever done to date)

Remember, as you watch, you’re seeing tears rooted in love & gratitude from my belief that God helped me let go of it because He took care of it through Jesus.

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