Welcome to part 2 of 2!

Last week I promised to cover the positive side of knowing your purpose versus the negative from part 1

For clarity, by negative I mean that which you do not want or what angers you and by positive, I mean that which you do not want

Today’s focus is on what do you LOVE?

This is going to be short but powerful and I have a free gift for you at the end that will help you focus in on what your purpose is

By the end of this post you’re going to have a much clearer picture of your purpose than you have right now

We all have stuff we’re in to and we refer to those things as hobbies, that is not what I am referring to here

Maybe you are into scrapbooking or doing puzzles, maybe you like spending time outside working with your hands in your garden or watching everything your neighbors do because you don’t mind feeling irritated… but this isn’t what I’m talking about

That’s right, sorry to break it to you, as much as you love watching your neighbors I assure you, that is not your purpose in life

Let’s go little deeper

What is that thing that when you do it you rise to a different frequency? You feel like you’re on a different plane because your energy inside is far different than with anything else you do – what is THAT thing?

When you lay your head on the pillow at night, forget the stress and forget your worries for a second, where does that childlike imagination of yours go?

When you wake up in the morning, what would you rather be doing during the day?

Do you love fishing? Do you picture yourself dumping your fancy job (or your miserable job) and ditching the silly uniform (and yes, if you wear a suit but you’re not fulfilled, that’s a silly uniform too, no offense–I know that life)

Maybe you do love fishing and when you lay down at night you imagine leaving everything behind, changing your zip code to the islands and opening a fishing charter/leadership academy that entertains and educates locals and tourists

I could list different examples for hours but I promised you a short post

I’ll use myself with a short example to help you relate

I love filling people with hope and courage

Like, I love it so much that it feels like a point of selfishness to me when I have the privilege of doing this with someone or many at once, as in speaking to an audience

One of the ways that I do this is by calling out nonsense and manipulation that people put on those they have influence over by shining a light on it and then redirecting that exposing light to the truth

I have ALWAYS hated witnessing or experiencing people lording their power over others for their own agendas. Everyone from parents to teachers to religious leaders to bosses does it

Listen, when I say hate, I mean it. I can get so upset by it I’ve actually had to work on my approach (and still do at times) so not to be a psycho about it

For years I’ve dreamed about a career where I can help people breakthrough and live their best life… I’ve prayed for it, I’ve yearned for it, I’ve cried for it, I’ve moved across the country for it, I joined the Army for it, I’ve gone broke for it, I’ve moved my kids around schools for it, I’ve forced my wife to deal with tremendous uncertainty for it

The dream in my heart is so strong for it that I would rather be dead than not be able to live it… that’s the truth, no exaggeration

But that’s not unreasonable is it?

I mean, if our purpose is the reason for our birth, what’s the point of our life if we’re not in active pursuit of it?

That might seem like a tough question, and it is, that’s okay

I’d rather poke you in the ribs with you knowing I care rather than give you a hug and pretend like it’s okay for you to give the best of your life for the sake of someone else’s expectations, because it absolutely is not okay

You are the only person on this planet that knows what that thing is that has a hold of your soul and won’t let go. To betray that is the ultimate form of treason

If you’re still unsure what your purpose or calling is, download the free PDF exercise and do it (Link at bottom)

And remember, our purpose isn’t always one thing like some are born to do:

Martin Luther King, Jr

Mother Theresa

Mark Zuckerburg

Michael Jordan (his purpose is being way better than LeBron;)


If you’re anything like me, it’ll be a jumbled, mixed mess of a beautiful life as you’re on your way to The Thing that you’ll give the rest of your life to

All my experience, and I have a lot across multiple fields or industries, works together for the ultimate accomplishment of my life’s work

The same can go for you if you keep a long-term perspective and don’t give up while you might be doing something you absolutely hate

If you don’t know right now, don’t sweat that

See, I’ve been living my purpose for years, even when I was a Registered Nurse and when I was a soldier in the U.S. Army and when I drove a truck and washed dishes at a restaurant and so on

My purpose has itself been going through the process of development

Get it?

I encourage you, invest some time in your self today, this week or this weekend and put some real brainpower to it

What do you hate? Really, what infuriates you that you simply cannot stand?

What do you love? What’s had a hold of your soul for a long time now and never loosens its grip? What’s the thing that brings tears to your eyes with the thought of never being able to do it?

Tony Robbins says we get out of life what we tolerate and he also says we always get our “must”

What are you tolerating?

What is your must?

That’s where I’ll leave you for now

Check out this 2 minute video of Tony for a little inspiration

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Download the free PDF exercise here

If you missed part one of the series click here

If you have further questions about this don’t hesitate to email me via at Adam@InstigationNation.com

Much love,


Keep Instigating,


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