I read something recently that impacted and inspired me:

Fear of the future causes us to lean against and cling to the present, while faith in the future renders us perceptive to change.

Here’s the outflow of that inspiration . . .

The dissection:

Part 1 – FEAR OF THE FUTURE causes us to lean against and cling to the PRESENT


You say the people don’t want the gospel huh??

You say the people don’t care about church??

You say it’s a “lost and depraved generation”??

You say the people are rebellious toward “God”??


Maybe. Ever ask why?


Fear of the future

That’s it. They’re scared that when they’re finally willing to be honest with you or show vulnerability or they’re honestly searching or seeking the truth they are going to be “bitten” for it.

They may ask real life questions that you, Mr. and Mrs. Pharisee, find offensive like, “How do you know the bible is true?” Or “How do you know the Big Bang isn’t true?” or maybe they show imperfection in their lifestyle or behavior, they know they’re going to be slammed for it. At minimum, they know they’re getting a Bible verse rocket launched into their face.

How do they know that? You’ve shown them nothing else.

Why in the hell of that treatment would ANYONE EVER want to be a part of THAT?

Don’t get me started on your silly church signs firing the accusatory darts of your cousin Lucifer, condemning the world driving by to hell from your self-righteous all the while irrelevant throne.

Moving on . . .



Faith in the future

If regular people like you and me today actually met Jesus the way people 2000 years ago did they would undoubtedly respond differently than they do to modern day so-called “Christians”.

When people KNOW that God is not an intergalactic prison warden looking for every false or even immoral move, they’d be much more apt to following the Nazarene. 

How is that possible? 

I mean, maybe they could hope for it, or even believe it, but to know it?

They can know it. Just look at my life. I’m evidence of how amazingly graceful and patient and generous our Creator is.

THEN they can look at how I treat them and everyone, from criminals to addicts to schoolteachers, trash men to lawyers to cops to multimillionaire celebrities or business owners. I don’t give a crap about your status and I definitely don’t care about mine.

I treat everyone I can according to the FACT that they are a unique and beautiful soul created by the same Father (which makes them my half sibling anyway – human family) meant for an abundant life of love, fun & oneness with their Maker. All they want is to be happy and fulfilled and at peace. Just like you do and sure as hell just like me. 

Let me ask you Mr. and Mrs. Pharisee, who do you know who’d be in fear of THAT future?  I don’t believe they’re rebellious toward God; I believe they’re rebellious toward you.

When we believe that what’s ahead of us is better than what we have, and I mean really believe it, we make the appropriate changes. We always do.

Here are a few examples:


Choosing to switch Internet providers because our Wi-Fi sucks

Choosing to leave one job for another

Choosing to end a personal relationship and look for different one

Or … choosing to leave their current church for another


When the perceived benefits of the change outweigh the fears of staying where they are, people change. Every time.

What “they” need is to witness true love in action. What they need is to encounter Jesus, not your demands.

People need to meet God for real. And not some fictitious character you’ve created in a low-budget production called Your Sermon.

Or, Mr. & Mrs. Pharisee, ignore this message as you always have because, after all, there wouldn’t be a need for Instigation Nation if you listened.


Sincerely for “them” as you say,


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