Episode 9: The Fraud Fallacy –

The Real Reason You’re Unhappy

Today, I share one of the biggest battles I’ve ever faced and one that most of us share. Feeling like a fraud, an imposter, a poser, a FAKE can be one of the heaviest weights dragging down the life we want to live. We have a dream, a goal or a vision but not the confidence to hunt it down and make it ours.

Our vision often times doesn’t relate or connect to our professional experience and that creates an internal tension. Whether we don’t have the “right” degrees, experience, resume or qualifications, we can’t seem to escape that whisper in our ear of “Who do you think you are?” Our paradigm is in control of all this and being happy is directly tied to it.

I tackle this today in a straight-forward manner and propose a thought that if you’re paying attention, could totally set you free from this struggle and never have to battle it again. It’s a bold claim. I back it up.


Topics & Timestamps:

How to handle it when your vision or dream is unrelated to your professional experience or current career/job 2:13

The Paradigm: Programming from the womb 7:00

Why people who want more out of life face SO MUCH resistance & the environment that is guaranteed to kill your dreams 7:56

What the Paradigm really is 10:21

Bob Proctor mention – Episode 7 – Listen at 15:32

You can only act out of the thoughts you have 13:28

The MAIN reason we feel like frauds 22:05

The no-bs truth about the real fraud inside you 25:24

[Link for my mention of “show 1 or 2” about God being a redeemer] 32:30

**LISTEN TO SHOW 1 from 18:36 and you’ll be able to use what I’m talking about – https://instigationnation.com/in1

The ultimate tragedy in life and how to guard against it 34:41


Thanks for joining me today! I hope the message helps. 

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