The good doctor, Luke, recorded:

… filled both boats so full that they began to sink… When Simon Peter saw this, he fell at Jesus’ knees and said, “Go away from me, Lord; I am a sinful man!” – Section 5: 1-11

Have you ever considered that maybe you’re not living the abundant life you dream about in your heart because you block God’s attempts to bless you because you’re ‘sinful’?

If it had been up to Simon Peter, he would have remained a struggling fisherman without any impact on the world. Thank God it was up to Jesus, not Simon Peter.

Here’s what you must come to realize and live out in a practical way: Jesus already knew that Simon Peter was a “sinful man”, yet Jesus blessed him abundantly anyway, even beyond what he could physically handle on his own.

What made the difference? What was Simon Peter’s attitude? What condition was his heart in? How do you and I position ourselves in God’s atmosphere, in order to receive the blessings that God has for us, all the while eliminating the thinking that we are unworthy slaves?

Just before the big catch, Simon and his partners (2 boat crews) had fished all night and caught nothing. Ever worked really hard with no payoff? Me too. This time Jesus told them to let the nets down again… Simon had his skepticism… he obeyed Jesus anyway, instead of obeying his doubts or even trusting his own experience.

My friend, just like Jesus knew Simon Peter was a messed individual in some ways and still used him in wonderful ways, including blessings, Jesus knows more about you than you do. And He is still waiting to introduce you to your abundant life. Will you let him?

Jesus died to heal us from our sin and transform us into our intended state of perfection and glory. He sees you as pure now. Any holding onto negative thoughts of sin or unworthiness is your choice, not His will. It’s time you “change your mind” on this issue and shake loose the shame and self-consciousness.

Lord, help me heal my hurts, destroy my doubts and trust the truth you tell me. I am ready, just show me, Lord… I am with you, I trust what you say, no one else, and that includes me.

Keep Instigating,


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