This is a message about you.


Disciple of John the Baptist turned disciple of Jesus turned Apostle of God.


Egotistical. Selfish. Angry. Rash. Yes, he was. So am I. You? Okay. And? Follow me here.


Those are just a few of lesser points that describe one of the most blessed, privileged and powerful people to have ever walked the earth. (Now you kinda feel proud of your junk too, huh? 😉 Maybe it’s just me.)


The apostle John was first a seeker of truth, not opinions. That’s why he followed John the Baptist in the desert – learning from him about God’s chosen One, the savior of the world á la Neo, The Matrix, A Documentary of The World, circa 1999. It’s true.


Then John became a believer in Jesus, that’s it.


And that is what granted him those finer points (honor, recognition, important work, etc), not because he all of a sudden became “a good boy” by seeking therapy and going all Zen on everyone (which, by the way, I highly advocate for).


Oh, the life we could have if we would just believe.


When it comes to our sins or our faults, most of the time in fact, I’ve never heard it framed differently than the following or a version of it:


“You know, God can still use broken people.” (Lil Gorilla Glue and duct tape, baby!)




“You know, despite your sin, God still has a purpose for your life.” (Golly gee Mista! ‘Tanks for acceptin’ the Lawds scraps, suh!) Please.




Even though you’ve done XYZ, you’re still valuable to God.” (Makes God sound like the neighborhood junk man, searching desperately for 20-year-old toasters to repurpose for Pinterest. Does God seem like a junk man to you? (Disclaimer: I’ve known a few junk guys/gals… great folks 😉


Holy crap… those are all versions of the same religious thinking… sounds enticing to get new people to church, huh? (sarcasm)


Who wants to be totally messed up but be cool with it because God will apply his supernatural God-glue (spin-off of Gorilla Glue) to your “broken” pieces and repurpose you for some “new life” as a janky, rigged up contraption that kind of resembles what it used to be? Told you… Pinterest purposes.




[SIDE-NOTE: P!nk’s song, Whatever You Want, just popped up on YouTube. I went into the kitchen, grabbed my wife, Nikki, brought her into my office and we danced to it. Literally, right now as I’m editing this for publishing. THAT is why I got rid of the job life. To each their own, though. No pressure)


Okay, I’m back. Look, Jesus wants you to know, that’s not the deal.


(By the way, I laughed when I wrote “Jesus wants you to know” – felt like a Televangelist for a sec. I’m leaving it in.)


QUESTION: What is going on in the Christian world that God had to call on a wreck like me to create Instigation Nation to share this message? (That’s kind of rhetorical)


God does not view you like that at all. God does not pity you. God has made you a ruler and a creator. It’s true.


The deal is you become new. While this is a mystery to our human minds, click here for a free PDF to understand what “new” really means, it even has a place for notes. (No email required)


And what if, just what if, instead of what we’ve always heard, which is a sort of willingness of God to put up with your frail shortcomings and a save-you-by-the-skin-of-your-teeth impotent message, we actually understood the truth?


What if you found out God is madly in love with you… right now… in your shitty little mess that you pretend on Facebook and Instagram that you aren’t in.


INSIDE VOICE: Psst, He knows.  And he waits, with open arms and jewelry! (Okay, maybe the jewelry part was me)


The Truth Is …


  • God does not “barely” save you “even though you’ve sinned” and can still use you.


  • God does save you in your sin, so he can reform the misuse within your current personality and natural gifts.


So, there’s the stuff that gets us into trouble on our own ­– God actually uses it to create magnificent beauty when we allow it to be fused with the power, love and ferocious grace of Jesus.


Remember John’s issues?


Ego. Selfishness. Anger. (to name just a few – I’m sure he was as messed up as you and me, maybe more so… who knows? who cares?! it’s not game of measurement)


On his own he wanted to engulf a part of the world in flames and gruesome death – in Jesus’ name, mind you. (Talk about overboard–I have a lot of that too. My wife says I’m always extra).


By the way, after Jesus said, “No, John, we do not blow up those who disagree with us”, he immediately led them to another town. Like, “Jesus, Lord, my main Savior, I know you got this but you heard what Mr. Kill’em All just said and you’re giving him another run at it? Correct.


He did not revoke their privileges or send them home or cut them from the team. He led them. With love, patience & example.


He kept right on, working with who they were and continually offered more chances to grow and serve. That is how to love and hold the line. Jesus never shamed. NEVER.


Let me state this super clearly, for those of us all poisoned by religion –


If you EVER feel ashamed, or have feelings of self-condemning guilt – it is NEVER God. This is explicit in Scripture. There’s no question about it. No debate to be had, I know you that came from the land of the Bible Belt, have to fight the urge to argue strongly. Hang in there my fellow brethren and sistren.


(Let me clarify a little to hopefully eliminate confusion. I’m not saying God does not “convict” us of our wrongs. He does, through Holy Spirit. That’s different that condemning shame and guilt. Those are methods of the Enemy and this is clear in the bible. Think about the phrase from older generations “you should be ashamed of yourself” – that’s this context.)


You’ve heard of the “Good Samaritan”? We still use that phrase to describe someone who helps a stranger, right? Right. The village that John wanted to melt into the dirt was a village of Samaritan people. They were rejecting of Jesus, and Jews in general. Then Jesus used a Samaritan as an example of what it meant to be a good neighbor. Now, stuff that in your religious pipe and smoke it.


So, maybe it’s time for you to consider the possibility that God does not have plans for you despite your sins, but rather God has plans for you because of your sins (or at least in part).


I picture this as being similar to when the government catches a hacker, then hires the hacker to work for their own purposes. Not the best analogy, but I think it’s clear.


Final observation:


John wrote the book of The Gospel of John, 1 John, 2 John, 3 John, (see the pattern yet? 😉 and the last book of the bible, Revelation. The book of John expresses who Jesus was as fully human and fully God. Much of it demonstrates the love of God.


The book of Revelation, is a vision of the end times and things to come. What an honor to receive a vision of this magnitude, possibly the greatest vision of supernatural things ever granted to mankind. Probably is the greatest, but I’m biased.


John’s gifts were fused with the spirit of Jesus and formed an unmatched beauty, the kind the world has never seen otherwise.


God isn’t saving you even though “you done messed up”. (sorry, I pick on religious people in old-school, ignorant Southern tone all the time, bad habit but I find it funny. There is definitely non-ignorant southern tone too. Don’t send me hate messages you southern folks. I’m southern too. I’ve just seen a lot of social justice movies)


God is looking to renovate the misuse of your God-given humanity into life-lifting blessings for you and the world you touch.


The risky part is, he’s counting on you and you are the only one who can do what you are called to do. You don’t do it… you lose out… and so does the world who desperately needs you.


Just like John.


It’s time to stop being so timid and afraid because of what you think you know about yourself.


You’ve been seeing it from the wrong angle.


Look at your life through the all-cleansing prism of the mind of the Christ.


You’ll see.


It’s available to you at this very moment.


Ask and you shall receive 😉


Apollo Beach, FL