We’ve all heard that faith “as small as a mustard seed” will move mountains

The sad reality is while we are commanded to walk in faith by the ultimate gift-giver in the Universe, most of us really just stand in hopewishing things were different

This is what I did for YEARS AND YEARS

Why did no one ever point out this simple yet profound distinction?

How did it take so long to gain this realization?

How did I spend years and years and years sitting in churches, looking for answers and NOT ONE sermon was ever given that discussed this?

I don’t know and it doesn’t really matter but it is super important to understand that David, widely known asDavid for his award-winning role asDavid in the all-time blockbuster,David & Goliath once told us that God’s Word is a lamp to our feet

I don’t know what kind of lamps you guys have seen but the ones I’ve seen don’t put off that much light

We really only get to see the step we’re in, beyond that is pretty fuzzy at best

Why isn’t His word a spotlight on our path?

It would be way cooler to know what was 3 months ahead or a year ahead huh?

How about knowing the whole deal before we live it?!

When does it stop?! Ahhhhhh!!!!!

Okay, take it easy

We need to know one thing and one thing only

God is not bound by time. He is already IN THE NEXT STEP (where everything is fuzzy to us)

That’s why WALKING IN FAITH, in line with His will, in line with His heart is putting the Kingdom first as Jesus said to His followers (Matthew 6:33)

When we do our absolute best with all that we have in the current step we’re taking, only the best possible outcome is possible for us because we also know that all things work together for those of us who do put seeking Him first

It doesn’t mean that all things are wonderful or pleasant; however, it does mean that the combination of everything happening in your life is like a recipe of ingredients that, in the hands of the Master Chef, will turn into the best possible meal for you to enjoy and be blessed by

It can only happen when we trust this process though

When we keep taking steps without seeing beyond the lamp’s lighted area, that’s the real demonstration of our belief in what God has promised us in our heart

And that’s why walking in faith allows God to really move and affect our ground-level circumstances.

To walk in faith vs standing in hope PROVES that we BELIEVE He is IN the NEXT step and we walk to it WITHOUT trusting in our own “common sense” or as Proverbs puts it, leaning on our own understanding. That’s real trust

And THAT is why faith as small as a mustard seed is so blessed. Because it’s all it takes to truly take the NEXT step. Because it’s REAL

If it wasn’t real we would simply stand in hope, proving we lack faith and trust

You don’t “hope” the sun will come up in the morning

You don’t “hope” it will set at night

You KNOW the sun will rise and you gotta get up again

You KNOW it’s getting dark again tonight and you’re going to bed again

Knowledge = faith that has proven true

Let’s take a look at various stages of outlook –

Despair = No chance. Death, doom, destruction. Kill me now, as fast as possible, please

Hope = A glimmer of chance, even if misplaced

(Some people are hoping and often times counting on a wish for something but maybe they’re delusional. They still have hope inside and it’s real to them but they’re misguided. EG Ladies, if he’s got a history of hitting you he’s probably never going to stop or if your hopes of financial freedom rest in the lottery, you may want to reassess your plan)

While we all need to hope to go on or else what’s the point, in this particular context, hope is a like desperate beggar with nothing tangible to hold on to. I heard someone use that description once and I immediately loved it. Desperate beggar. Gross.

You were not born to be a beggar. God made you to live as a rightful heir to the Kingdom.

That is your place. Nothing less.

Faith = Stronger yet. True conviction of the heart. Deep-rooted belief. And it’s the stuff where our reality comes from (more to come on how we create our reality from our thought life)

Knowledge = Strongest. We don’t “believe” the sun will set tonight. We know it will. When we have knowledge we eliminate anxiety because anxiety comes from misused imagination (worry) about the future. When we know we can take proper action that serves us instead of sitting still “hoping for the best”

Taking a step forward is a declaration of belief that there is ground to stand on, even though we may not see it. (That’s on a practical level)

I’m referring to any time we take a step, as in any time. Like from your porch to the step or driveway. You take the step because you KNOW (believe) there’s solid ground ahead or else you wouldn’t do it

Read it again

Taking a step IS a declaration of belief that there is ground to stand on

Or else why would we take the step!! Duh. Obvious and simple, yes, but profoundly crucial to act on

In the natural, we walk because we see stable ground in front

That’s in the natural, like your house, your sidewalk or street, walking around a store, etc

In the spiritual it works the same but it’s counted as faith because technically, we don’t “know”, we believe

That’s why if your faith is even as BIG (or small) as a mustard seed we can “move mountains” because it’s there, it’s present… it’s real and real faith is rare. But it’s all God asks of us, simply believe and we can start with the One He sent

We learn to see things spiritually the more we “walk” that path

Then we gain trust that God really is ahead of us, clearing the way and inviting us into the abundant plan for our life

It’s the only plan that has our true victory in store for us

When we walk in that kind of faith, we will view “standing in hope” as something terribly inferior, pitiful and extremely limiting because we realize the frail emptiness of that position

Remember, every single thing that ever comes your way in life or that you encounter is happening to get you where you need to go for your blessed destiny

Simply put (since all things work for the good for those putting God first) NOTHING happens TO you but EVERYTHING happens FOR you

When you believe that, a whole new vibrancy consumes your perspective on things

The idea of something being “good” or “bad” that “happens to you” goes away and the idea of the thing being necessary and happening for you for the attainment of your goal takes its place

Because if it wasn’t necessary, it wouldn’t happen, period

That means understanding that when that flat tire happens or the train slows you down when you’re already late for work or anything else we’ve been trained to think of as “bad” happens, you chill out and say, “Okay, I may not see it right now or like it, but I am learning that God’s got this and this is serving my best good.”

When we put that in place and make it our default response rather than bitching about traffic or not getting the promotion or that person leaving us, things turn around immediately

We must stop assigning good or bad value labels on circumstances

Because out of our judgment of something comes our response to it

More on that later (it drives all our results)

If we responded to everything as though it happens for us then our mood gets better, anxiety goes down or away, optimism becomes our new state and motivation becomes less important because we’re beginning to live out of inspiration (or in Spirit)

And living like THAT is walking as God’s child and trusted friend (Remember, He’s not your effing boss)

Everyone around you will benefit from you when you live this way

Most importantly, you will benefit the most because your relationship with your Creator becomes very intimate, illuminating (remember the lamp to the feet; you’ll “see” more) and ultimately very real

Are you starting to see how focusing on Dos & Don’ts, tattoos or no tattoos, hat or no hat in church, these things are distractions to living vibrantly with God?

And it becomes much more obvious why the religious folks who focus on that crap don’t have a beautifully dynamic relationship with God

They’re focused on the mess rather than the man (or woman but man was jingly 😉

God focuses on the person not the problem

Jesus already signed off on your problems

They’re handled

Now it’s time to focus on the relationship by walking in faith

It’s like my wife Nikki in the Kitchen, some would see a terrible mess at dinner time (tattoos, clothing, behavior-focused) but I know the meal that’s being prepared for me is going to be awesome (the relationship)

Not the best analogy ever but I think you get it

There is a living, all-powerful, infinitely loving Creator who died and rose from the grave to be close to you and me

That’s the whole point

Learn to walk with Them (Father, Son & the Holy Spirit), in faith, to gain knowledge… one step at a time

If you need help with this, just hold my hand… I’ve been holding His for 19 years… I got you

Here’s to the next step


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