To: Those who have been “church hurt”
From: A recovering victim
July 6, 2018
Apollo Beach, FL

Ever experienced the sharp sting of pain from the place you went to be lifted up and encouraged?

I have, way too many times.

I’ve decided to do something about it and that involves you…

There will much more discussion on this later, like being told you’re not welcome because of clothing choices, being judged for life choices, experiencing betrayal from those who were supposed to be trusted or worse been victims of straight up foul play or abuse by those in authority.

If you haven’t realized yet, I’m talking specifically about church and its authority figures.

Well, only about 98% of them, give or take a percent.

WARNING: this message has a high potential to offend many people. While that’s not my goal at all, it’s going to happen. If you get offended bear with it for a moment; if you’re still offended by the end, Instigation Nation is not meant for you. I challenge you to stick with it until the end before passing judgment…

For now, we’re going to discuss bit about scarcity, limitations and control and the damage it causes you personally, professionally and emotionally.

By the end of this awesome read you’re going to be inspired, encouraged and have a sense of what you should do next.

Do you have something you’ve got to do?

Something inside you must get out of you?

A special goal, dream or desire to accomplish?

A place to go that’s higher or bigger than where you are?

Something that’s been quietly tugging at your soul for some time, maybe a long time?

Do you ever have feelings of guilt or embarrassment around church people because they say you’re materialistic or “covetous”?

That you shouldn’t be so concerned about “those things”?

Ever feel like somehow you’re wrong for wanting a bigger or better life than the one you’re currently living?

Do you have trouble making sense of your honest desires for success, significance and greater service to the world with all the talk that somehow poverty is holy or material things are bad or that a desire for wealth is somehow sinful?

If this is you, I totally relate. And I know very well how frustrated, confused, conflicted and even bitter you might be. I’ve had all these feelings and they’re not all gone yet.

Understand this: You are NOT the one who’s wrong. The desires you have are not sinful or selfish – on the contrary – they are your guide posts. They are the directional markers God has given you to lead you into your destiny.

They are the very milestones for you to pursue that, collectively, develop you and allow you to live out your calling, or your purpose.

Most importantly, they were “pre-installed” into your heart by the One who made you.

Mac runs on MacOS, PCs run on Windows, iPhone has iOS and then people who don’t like the best quality have Android (okay, bad joke).

But YOU! You have been given the ultimate hardware/software and that is the dreams of your heart.

If you let them, they will lead you into all that God has planned for your life, which is nothing but the best for you to live an abundant life.

Put simply, when we’re truly seeking God from our purest intentions, God’s plans are the desires of our heart. That’s one strong way we can know His will. Now, put that in your pipe and smoke it.

You and I have been scammed. We’ve been hoodwinked by small thinking people that have an agenda for our life and that is to follow their religious dogma, their rules.

See… religious folks LOVE RULES.


And there’s the rub.

The religious ones (Pharisees, control seekers, etc) are not into relationships, love, grace, successful happy living, fulfillment, abundance, dreams, individuality, and on and on… basically all the stuff that by the nature His character, God is.

I mean, look at the sky at night. Not too much limitation up there. It’s a never-ending expanse that continues to expand by the rate of 186,000 miles per second! EVERY SECOND NON-STOP FOREVER.

And the same God who set up that deal MADE YOU.

They did not create you with scarcity and lack of joy in mind.

Wait a second, isn’t that Satan’s job? To keep us discouraged, limited, fearful, shamed and crushed… Danggg, talk about irony.

Now, who’s working for who here?

See, if the “bible thumpers” can keep you bound in scarcity, fear, shame, guilt and focused on behavior, clothing or hair color rather than the truth of your Creator’s true plan for you then they can continue to control you or at least keep you in their box.

The cost to you is just 10% per week… just leave it in the plate or tray or box on your way out. Amen?

The reality, though, is that the true cost is much much greater – the true cost is your very existence. Because by following someone else’s plan you literally waste yours.

Insurance companies call that “total loss”. And that’s not my satirical humor talking.

You’ll end up sacrificing your one & only shot at life on this planet and all the goodness God has for you for the sake of their approval.

The worst part is that they’re FAILING at theirs but they want to control yours!

Ugh, it’s the worst.

And it’s nuts!

Because check this out, “they” – all of them – are irrelevant.

They truly don’t matter when it comes to you living your destiny.

Step back:
Remember guys, I’m not talking about everyone here. I’m strictly talking about the people Jesus referred to as “white-washed tombs”. They were the church authority figures at the time. Many are not different today.

All pretty on the outside, death on the inside.

They put heavy burdens on the people that they could not carry nor were they EVER supposed to.

But they prayed so eloquently, they preached so fancy and they knew all their scriptures.

So what. Total death. Plus, God says He never knew them. (Matthew 7:23)

Do not let someone make you feel like less because they’ve memorized some words and have worked their way into positions of power in their churches.

Know this: They will stand before God, the only judge ANY of us have, and answer for the damage they’ve caused. I do not want to be there for that hearing.

There will be no deliberation.

There will be no mistrial.

There will be no appeals.

When it comes to “the little ones”, those in positions to be taught and guided rather than leading, God holds them in high esteem and protective order. Teachers and leaders are held to a higher standard. They will answer for the wake of damage they’ve created.

You and I have to answer for ourselves for what we do with our lives.

Instigation Nation is here to help you break free from the ties that others have convinced you to bind yourself with.

We’re here to help you escape the prison that religion has built around your heart and mind.

We’re here to help you fly!
We’re here to help you get free and live your life to the fullest.
That includes how to have a truly dynamic relationship with your Creator and walk in the freedom of that relationship as naturally and guilt-free as breathing.
We’re going to show you how, probably, close to everything you’ve ever been taught in church is either tainted, misguided and even just wrong.

We’re going to show you how, probably, close to everything you’ve ever been taught in church is either tainted, misguided and even just wrong.

Are you ready for the freedom that awaits?

Are you ready to think on your own?

(We will NEVER tell you WHAT to think here, but we’ll do our best to help with HOW to think for yourself)

Are you sick of feeling bad about yourself when you know you’re a good person?

Are you tired of the guilt and shame you feel in church, the one place where you’re supposed to be abundantly safe, joyful and fulfilled?

If the Instigation Nation message touches something inside you, join us.

Join the Nation.

We don’t hate church. We’re not against church.

We just know that nearly every single one of them are way off track.

There are great ones out there. If you’re part of one, you know it.

We’re glad to refer the ones we believe in. The ones that operate like Jesus, go figure.

(A resource page is coming for this)

If you’re in a messed up church (Law of averages says this is likely) then you can probably relate.

I’ll leave you with a few quotes I really like that will serve you if you accept them:

“Associate yourself with people of good quality, for it is better to be alone than in bad company.” Booker T. Washington

The Book of Proverbs supports this idea strongly throughout.

And here are a couple from author, Robert Tew –

“Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy.”

And fitting for the end:

“Sometimes what you’re most afraid of doing is the very thing that will set you free.”

Maybe it’s time you found a different, healthier path, maybe not.

Only you know in your heart.

We’ve found the path out of dysfunctional spiritual environments.

We’ve found a way to get rid of the anxiety, guilt and shame.

We’ve found the freedom that Jesus willingly suffered and died for to give us.

We would love to have you and all your uniqueness join us at Instigation Nation, or IN, for short.


Are you IN?

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Much love.


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