Wisdom says:
Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.

Pharisees think this is their permission slip to weigh down the youth with heavy burdens and restrictive rules about how to live their life

They stress don’t do this, don’t do that, no pants for you missy, hey young man don’t even think about getting a tattoo, don’t touch alcohol, fix your hair, taken off that hat, and on and on

Then these people watch as their kids graduate high school and NEVER come back to the church their family forced them into in the first place

They enter the world and start acting out, maybe partying for the first time, maybe drinking, maybe doing drugs, maybe shacking up with the local Starbucks barista and getting pregnant (or getting someone pregnant) … then the religious folks back home on the prairie say things like, “Well, Susie, we’ll be praying for little Johnny. You’ve done everything right by raising that boy.

You had him here at church every Sunday, every Wednesday, every potluck, every, every, every… He’s just lost right now. Just keep trusting the Lord… and are you sure you don’t have any unconfessed sin that you want to tell us about right now? Hmmm, so sad, so sad…”

No, you pricks! You manipulated his head and emotions so long he’s now showing you his middle finger.

These religious Nazis have perverted yet another piece of wisdom meant for our good.

Here’s what “train a child” really means:

How about you stop gossiping about your so-called friends?

I mean, your kids see and hear that. And they’re learning how to treat people from you.

How about you accept people for who they are rather than raising your self-righteous nose at them?

How about demonstrating small acts love to strangers instead of acting like you don’t notice them, like the dirty homeless guy you look away from

How about speaking lifting and empowering words into your daughter instead of insulting her because of her outfits or her choice of hair color this week?

No wonder Jesus called you a wicked and perverse generation.

You, Mr and Mrs Pharisee, in your pretty Sunday’s best, hold the majority share of responsibility why young people want nothing to do with the One who laid His life down for them and unlike you, truly loves them for who they are and where they are BEFORE they become whatHe made them to be

There’s definitely more to come on effective parenting and leading your kids to be strong, productive and confident people who seek God with their lives


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