Notes from Easter service 2017 (with some edits):

I believe the reason I’m so impacted by Jesus’ power to resurrect the dead and truly give new life.

(I use italics b/c I don’t want you to pass it over as just more words. If you’ve never experienced new birth, you’ve got to give it ride.)

It’s also due to the amount of actual death I’ve witnessed. I KNOW what it is to be close to death. I’ve seen real death with my own eyes (not just Aunt Betty who was 97, bless her heart). Death of the young. Death of the innocent.

Not to mention the deaths of peoples’ potential & their dreams littering cemeteries around the world.

The power to transform real death into real life is only held by One. And he is my king.

The prayer of my life:

You know Him the way I know Him.

Yep, that’s it.



Up to 16 legs (I did very limited research).

Can only inch forward.

Toils in the dust.

Living low.

Very slowly.

Very limited.

Not very good-looking


God transforms through His power and grace.

Now the butterfly walks higher.

Through God’s power, it is endowed to FLY.

And is admired.

AND Beautiful!

Big beautiful life.


Staying in the limited life as a person who claims to know Jesus:

Caterpillar sits on couch (it was a long day).

Caterpillar listens to audio book or watches a show on transformation –

Caterpillar gets fired up, “Yes! Awesome! Woo! Praise the Lord. He is sooo good!
I am blessed AND highly favored!
I’m free!
Bam baby!

Blame it on Jesus, #BLESSED (holler back Bruno!)

Caterpillar continues “life” as caterpillar.

Caterpillar dies.

The end.

Pretty much, right??!

Just look around.

Christians laugh at this analogy, and yet 98.723% of them continue as the caterpillar. 

It’s Blindness.

(It’s how most people in The USA will never feel the gravity of poverty or hunger. They’re blinded by our default blessing: prosperity.)

Instigation Nation gives sight to the blind.

Are you transforming yet?

Everything of value in your life depends on it.




PS. Instigation Nation is officially in the business of equipping Caterpillars (willing ones) to do their thing as they become all that Jesus sees in them.

You may have conditioned by religious forces to “get your act together”, and then come to God. Sorry about that. That’s a really bad lie and I should’ve warned you years ago when I realized it.

See the only way it works is if you do your thing. He can’t work with anything else.

Fly free, Butterfly.