Jesus is my Boss”

“My Boss is a Jewish Carpenter”

2 of the bull-shittiest clichés the devil has ever perpetuated among people

We’ve all seen these things and except for the few of us who completely lack awareness, we’ve probably just shaken our head in pity for these weirdos

Typically, it’s the same type of person that would dare put this as their greeting to the world at large

The reason people would have these bumper stickers on their vehicle or these destructive thoughts in their mind is they likely grew up or perversely fell in love with legalism (following rules/rituals as way to gain salvation, love or favor-it’s pure poison. Jesus said so, not me), possibly never truly having been introduced to Jesus

To refer to The Savior, who is God’s love manifested, as “my boss” absolutely ensures they will never have the relationship He died to give them

It also relegates Him to the dirt bag at your job who continually looks for ways to inflict harm in your life. Unless, of course, your boss is amazing then disregard

“Jesus is my boss”… my God how horrible… spiritual suicide.

If you are one of these reality-blind people, please let me help you, STOP IT.

Stop it right this instant

Stop with your hats, bumper stickers, t-shirts and other nonsense you think is cool swag… it’s not. Your heart may be near the right place but you’re totally ineffective AND you’re causing more harm than good, for sure

Rather than instilling a sense of reverence for God, you’re creating a mockery

People see you and they pity you; they’re definitely not drawn to a magnificent relationship with their Creator because you’ve reduced God to carnival merchandise

For my instigators out there, trust this, Jesus is NOT your boss

He is the lover of your soul

He is your advocate, your protector, your friend, your savior, your encourager, your #1 fan and He wants nothing more than to be at your side, sharing all the moments you’ll allow Him to

It’s ALWAYS a matter of choice with God – You get to choose

Bosses don’t allow choice

Your will is YOURS, He designed it that way on purpose

Do you prefer to force someone to be around you or do you prefer when someone WANTS to be around you


Remember, Jesus loves you more than you’ll ever possibly understand

Don’t pay any attention to the religious weirdos and for your sake, never let them influence you or make you feel inferior

God (Jesus) knew you before you were conceived in your biological mother (If that sounds a little crazy, just read the image below when you get there)

They have plans and a future for you… hope, not harm

It’s okay to open yourself a bit to this thought

I know the religious nuts and churches have hurt you… they’ve hurt me too

The Father, Son & Holy Spirit are not the jackasses you’ve experienced and trust me, they have theirs coming

Let yourself be loved by your best friend

It’ll be the greatest decision of your existence

Muah! (that’s a kiss on your cheek;)

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