Let no foul or polluting language come out of your mouth. Ephesians 4:29 (Google it)
You’ve likely been programmed your whole life to believe this means something it doesn’t quite mean.
Jesus said, the mouth pours out what the heart is full of.
And any world-class bible scholar like myself understands that one Jesus’ main homies was a roughneck named Peter.
Peter was a cusser. And he was a hothead. AND he was a coward, or as he probably would’ve said, a chicken shit.
The interesting thing about Peter, in this context, is that I can’t find any instance where Peter is accused of having “polluting language”. Hmmm, yes, Adam, that is interesting. I know, right! Thank you.
And more interesting than that (this one really pisses off the religious folks) he was one of Jesus’ most trusted, most committed and most reliable people in the mission.
What?! How can you say that, Adam? C’mon. You contradict yourself just like your bible does. 
Whoa, buddy, slow down. Let’s look at this for a quick minute. 
Out of the heart the mouth speaks, remember?
Which of these says pollution to you:
That was the best fucking wedding I’ve ever been to, God bless you guys!
OMG, did you see what she was wearing?? Girrrrl, she ain’t got no business in that
See, you already know (besides the fact I tried to psychologically prime you to the first quote with the use of colors).
In my opinion, which, in this case is pure undocumented fact, religious thumpers and pharisees call you out for certain words that some in our society say are “bad” and yet those are the same damned people who gossip, lie and shame others, go unchecked with their nasty two-faced attitudes and reputation slandering, not to mention judging everyone they see, just because they’re sinning differently than them.
That’s total death and I don’t allow it around me or my family.
AND I warn my kids all the time about these life-suckers and evil-mongers. 
When I discover those nasty-hearted individuals in my life they get cut out immediately.
Watch this: If I find out (and we always find out) that someone has gossiped about me or my family, they’re dead to me (Thank you, Mr. Wonderful). 
I won’t even have them in my house. Why? What about the “love of God”? 
Look, those people get you killed, in one form or another.
Remember Judas? The cat that sold out his Rabbi for some quick cash? Yeah, that dude got what he deserved.
And even though I might deserve worse, thank God He has taken my heart from caterpillar to butterfly.
The worst thing about my mouth (almost;) is how the pharisees perceive it through the lens of their dogmatic worldview and man-made rules.
It’s all about the heart. Always.
And THAT is why the dirty fisherman turned weak-kneed follower turned absolute stud of an Apostle known as P Money by his crew, as Saint Peter by the ultra holy among us, or just Peter by the rest of us sinners was entrusted with so much privilege, honor and responsibility by Jesus.
I mean, it’s actually kind of funny how obvious this is. 
The problem is that pharisees and other religious rule-mongers are so busy trying to correct individual behavior that they can’t see individuals anymore, they way Jesus did.
They see problems that need the “fixin’ that only a holy and righteous GAWD can bring!” Could you hear my hellfire tone?? (Confession: I love to tease hellfire pharisees)
Sound familiar?
Check it out …
Peter is cussing at people, chopping off soldier’s ears, and bailing on Jesus when Jesus needed him the most. 
He was hot-tempered, rash, thick-headed, stubborn and had fish guts under his finger nails (I mean, he did fish for a living). 
Kinda like the pole dancer who’s just trying to feed her kid who comes to church right after working all night, only she’s gotta deal with the snakes and their nasty treatment. You know, the girl in the outfit that has everyone turning heads and whispering to the others in the pews nearby? 
Yeah, Peter dealt with this stuff too from the church folk of his day.
Remember, it was church folk who hated Jesus’ posse and hated Him more. So much they masterminded a plot to have him murdered. Also remember, God always gets the last laugh in the face of the wicked.
So, there’s Peter and all his rowdy Peterness.
Then we got Judas, who was arguing for giving money to the poor and kissing Jesus’ face and being all saintly (I bet he even wore a suit & tie to their meetings) yet, he was completely poisonous (just like a lot of down home church-folk today), or for the sake of our little discussion: a polluted and foul individual, but not Peter. With all his bad behavior, he got to be the spark of the entire Church forever and ever.
By the way, a consistent trait of God is that they operate with irony quite a bit. I love that.
Here’s a small but extremely significant interaction between Jesus and Peter (who used to be called Simon Peter):
He pressed them, “And how about you? Who do you say I am?”
Simon Peter said, “You’re the Christ, the Messiah, the Son of the living God.”
Jesus came back, “God bless you, Simon, son of Jonah! You didn’t get that answer out of books or from teachers. My Father in heaven, God himself, let you in on this secret of who I really am. And now I’m going to tell you who you are, reallyare. You are Peter, a rock. This is the rock on which I will put together my church, a church so expansive with energy that not even the gates of hell will be able to keep it out.
“And that’s not all. You will have complete and free access to God’s kingdom, keys to open any and every door: no more barriers between heaven and earth, earth and heaven. A yes on earth is yes in heaven. A no on earth is no in heaven.”
That’s pretty awesome for someone with a “foul” mouth, right! 
I see that as you and me having a pretty good shot at a great relationship with our Creator.
Let’s wrap this up with some meat.
For simple clarification, what exactly is foul or polluting language?
Anything that does not build someone up or spread good energy. 
That’s it! Now you know. 
Some examples >>>>> 
Discouraging words
     • why do you always…   • why can’t you ever…  • geez, you’re such a…. • etc… 
Negative self-talk
Little white lies (Telling a salesperson, “Sure, I’ll give you a call” – yeah right)
You fill in your own
So, how do we get it together?
Your words either pollute or they purify. 
They either build up or tear down.
How do you talk to your ‘self’?
How do you talk to your fellow drivers on the road?
Would you let your neighbor talk to you that way?
Side note: I can have my less-than-holy moments on the road, for sure.  I like to remind myself that those drivers I visualize exploding from my rocket propelled grenade launcher are likely the same people that if I met them at baseball because our kids play together, would almost certainly become new friends of mine and yet too many times I’ve cursed them on the road and wished their imminent demise. Food for thought
The power of life and death is in the tongue. 
When we call ourselves stupid or clumsy (or anything else we wouldn’t allow others to call our kids) we are literally insulting God’s greatest creation, in many cases His child
That’s agreeing with a lie, by the way.
The key to breaking these habits of foul language is to speak thanks. 
Build this habit: whenever you’re about to “curse”, speak negative to yourself, use sarcasm or engage insulting language, step back and realize what your blessings are.
And remember, cursing has nothing to do with what society says is a “bad word”, whatever that means. 
After all, discussing something in its very foundation involves cussing. So there, take that.
Originally, the word discuss meant ‘dashed to pieces’.
Then someone changed the deal and said “Now the word Discuss means to talk with people about stuff”. 
I am just at a loss as to why I’m supposed to obey that, but I’ll pick and choose my battles. 
I mean, why don’t we change the deal again? Okay, I’m getting off track.
Words are nothing more than various arrangements of 26 letters that some people somewhere invented for communicating a while back and we make up the rest. We even change it to suit us over time.
It’s all made up guys! Wake up to this, it’s important so you don’t get trapped by the crap of others and their manipulation.
How can there be a “bad” word? For that matter, how can there be a “good” one? I mean, shit, c’mon.
There are, however, thoughts and ideas that serve us and there are those that do not serve us.
Cursing traffic, your neighbor, the president, your bank account, your self … that actively works against you, and much more than the other person.
We have to be ever-improving on our language to ourselves and those around us and the universe at large
This begins with gratitude. 
We CANNOT be angry in a state of thankfulness and trust me, you have something to be thankful for
This takes practice. 
You can say ‘thank you’ as you wake up and as you go to bed. 
This takes practice too.
Set a reminder or calendar event in your phone that just says “thank you” set for the appropriate time you get up and lay down 
It works. 
I used to be one of the whiniest people I knew. But I started doing that this year and I’m getting way better with living out gratitude and not flipping you off as much on the road … true story.
Before you know it you’ll be cleaning up your truly “bad” language and only speaking words of life.
That will help you clean up your thoughts too and you’ll find yourself becoming happier and at peace much more often.
Do this and instigate your change.
Love you fuckers 😉

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