Solomon wrote, “The path of life leads upward for the wise.”

(Do you really need a source? You’re one of two types of people. You’re either the type of person that when you read a claim you generally trust the info, especially if it’s from a trusted source. Or you’re the type that no matter what, you’re skeptical and are going to look it up even if there is a source. Whichever you are is fine with me but I figured I’d type all this to avoid typing the 14 characters of where I got it. Same reason I work 70 hours a week… so I don’t have to work 40. Only an entrepreneur would do that… geez, the things I do to give you guys a chuckle.)

Back to Solomon! The path of life leads upward for the wise.

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Last night Nikki and I were in bed talking and I mentioned how much I missed our old “Power House”. Our affectionate nickname for the home where we camped for a whole 20 months in between moves out of and back into Florida (we thought we would be there for years).

It was our rented house in Michigan. That old farmhouse had 4,200 eclectic square feet (from two additions after the original house was built in 1910) sitting on 5 acres of land just 25 minutes from the heart of downtown Detroit. It’s on the oldest street in Farmington Hills, which in itself has a very charming downtown area that is at the top of “Best Places” in Michigan to live/raise a family.

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We loved that house. The only house we have ever loved living in. It was awesome for our family of six. A good amount of space for all of us to have our little areas, so much functionality, so much character. We had family parties there, we had epic game nights there, we had bonfires there, a lot. We love bonfires.

We left after such a short time but we took with us tremendously warm and happy memories that will no doubt live on forever, especially since they came at a pivotal point in our family’s journey.

We think about that place a little too much for the sake of good mental health. Let’s face it, the truth is… reminiscing can feel great and at times may be used to express gratitude, but at its core, reminiscing is living in the past. And living in the past is to let today slip away.

There are lots of dangers to “living” in the past but that’s a post for a different time. Just remember, by its very nature the past no longer exists. As much as I tell myself that, I lovingly remind you of the same. Be careful of that because it does nothing for your present, other than guarantee it doesn’t change.

And look, we don’t reminisce because we regret anything, it’s more of the adjustment of losing 25% of our living space and being crammed in with a whole bunch of neighbors (and they’re great!) in our new home in Florida. Feels a little hard to breathe, that’s all. We’re beyond grateful for our life.

Now that I’ve set the stage a bit I’ll get to the main point.

After a couple minutes of us talking about it, I reminded us both that, while we cherish that time and how awesome it was, God only does greater.

Remember that proverb (Oops, slipped on the source;), “The path of life leads upward for the wise.”

It is NEVER “God’s will” to degrade or detract or make worse anything in life.

Look at the universe, the oceans, nature, just look around at all the abundance and realize nothing in created order EVER gets worse in its evolution. Only humans do that.

The universe is expanding constantly since the moment God spoke it into existence and will never stop.

After any kind of damage that mankind does to her, nature ALWAYS repairs herself (think oil spills and raging forest fires, even though that’s not always man, I think).

My encouragement to myself, my wife and to you today is understand that when you know you’re doing the right thing, doing your best to honor God with your life (this is not the part where you think how UNperfect you are – God is far more patient with you than you are, so chill on the self-violence), and living in a state of appreciation, it is God’s will for you to be ever-increasing.

That’s right. I don’t know if anyone has ever told you that.

That’s because we are made in their image, modeled after them, period.

God in all their wisdom and love for you always intends greater for YOU. Does that mean things are always rosy and without issues? Of instigation nation blog adam kasix always greatercourse not, seasons of up and down are normal, summer and winter come at different times, but the overall trajectory of our lives should be higher and higher, however that looks for you and your priorities.

I get weird looks on a lot of things but one of the main ones is when I tell people how I’m excited to get older. Always have been. Even though I’ll be 40 next year it hasn’t stopped and that’s because I truly expect my life to get better every single year.

If my life had peaked with my senior year of high school and those were my top memories, how sad would that be? They tell us, “High school years are the greatest years of your life! Have fun while ya can!” I don’t knock anyone’s path for themselves but for me, that would be devastating.

As we were dozing off in our beautiful newly-built home that sits just 3 miles from the waters of Tampa Bay and less than an hour from three of the #1 “Best Beaches in America” (source-less claims again) in any given year, no matter what list you look at (pretty much), I had two thoughts –

1. Damn, I am grateful for our life right now, the way it is.

andinstigation nation blog adam kasix always greater

2. Man o man (I’m thinking to myself), I can see it now. I’m sitting on the back porch of our not-toooo-fancy ranch-style house, over-looking acres and acres of rolling land with lakes and big skies for miles… with much less sound of traffic and whole lot more sounds of God’s creation.

After all, greater is mine… and it’s yours.

Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me … will do even greater things … You may ask me for ANYTHING in my name, and I will do it. @Jesus #sonofgod

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