Episode 14: See It, Get It – Because You CAN


Do you have an area in your life you’ve been frustrated with? The same old thing keeps happening or the same undesired result keeps occurring?

The problem is rooted in your imagination, or what you’re picturing.

Today, I share 2 stories of exactly how my wife and I manifested visions from our mind into physical reality for our lives.

From drugs, divorce and destruction to well on the path to the life of our dreams, today I will share with you practical and totally realistic tips.

Through our story you’ll see how you can instigate the same in your life, regardless of your specific aspirations or goals.

Links in Order Mentioned:

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Be Your Own Change (Podcast Episode 11)

Stop Doing: Start Believing (Blog Post)


Thanks for joining me today! I hope the message helps. 

Contact Me: Adam@InstigationNation.com

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