Episode 11: Be Your Own Change –

Keys to Eliminating Uncertainty, Confusion & Frustration

Do you ever feel uncertain about what your next step should be?

Do you ever feel confused about what the right or best choice is?

Do you ever get frustrated at yourself or the way things are and just want to change something?

In this week’s episode, we’re going to strip these things down to their nuts and bolts and realize why we experience them so you can get equipped to eliminate those things from your life.

You’re going to find more happiness, less anxiety and way more confidence with today’s show.


Topics & Timestamps:

Always looking for an outside source 5:16

There comes a time when you must say, “Eff this!” 9:08

We have to apply for most things and that causes damage to us 11:32

What is intuition 16:43

The real reason you hear negativity in your mind 21:33

A simple hack to instigate your New Year’s resolutions and actually keep them 23:55

Practical and simple ways to instigate your change 24:55

How to handle “burn out” 30:31


Links mentioned:

Blog post: How to Stay Standing (instead of having to get back up)

Podcast Episode: Fraud Fallacy (I’m really proud of this one for its ability to help you)


Thanks for joining me today! I hope the message helps. 

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